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Monday, 1. May, 2019 |

i am getting ready to go to utah, usa with a group of the best outdoor girls i know.

our target is the get a 500 metres highline up within the epic valley of castletown tower.  

after the trip i am planning to go to switzerland to work there as a ski instructor, enjoy skiing and make some money. that is the plan.

so you know... the circumstances wanting us somewhere else...

kefin bras were successful during the summer and i was telling myself:

"you have to take few with you to the states."

packing for the trip, last schifts at the hospital, end of climbing season party and so much happening  is the reason i look for a room in my backpack for unfinished bras...


(packed for five weeks, taking more bras rather then clothesS)


sometimes our planning comes from head being practical.

"i will enjoy the winter season in switzerland, i will speak foreign languages and will make some money. i also need some international experience, right?"

I am making the moves toward switzerland but somewhere deep down i feel something else. i enjoy adventure but i also like to come back home.. i am a big patriot. 

“all i need is to feel happy.”

what now? i managed to get six months off from work and switzerland is coming...


nothing is impossible when you have the right people around you. the girls were putting on the bras and spontaneous fashion started. their happiness, spontaneity, questions and their feedbacks were giving me the right answers.  

“stay where you are and do what you enjoy”


(finising up sewing bras at massive rectory, great workroom)


so by now you can probably guess i never made it to switzerland. when i got back from utah, i ordered material, visited a few dressmakers and dived into sewing.

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