March 2019

Článek od Eva Laxová
Thursday, 4. May, 2019 |

We are taking pictures of collections, inventing a new website, still “catching flies” on the cut and finish. Some are haunting me by calling "business lady" and saying:

"Enjoy as long as you can, who knows where you will go."

I make the most necessary and flee where I feel best.

To the mountains with my beloved Flower (Sonička).

We ski, climb, highline and laugh all the time!

(Mountains of Brenta a happy Květy)

I don´t know answers for many questions. The gold is running slowly out.

I don´t know if I will be working as I used to or I will give Kefin a full time. Panic is coming... what is coming?...

Then I take a deep breath and smile.

I realize I don´t care how everything will go.

I surrender.

I do things the way how I feel them within the deepest essence and as long you will be enjoying the bras as much as I do
I will continue making them and the world will get to see them.

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