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Jednoduchá a minimalistická záda pro běžné nošení a pěkné opálení, zádový systém vhodný pro menší ňadra.

1200 CZK

Oboustranné podprsenky jsou skvělé především pro svou širokou využitelnost. Každá podprsenka je šitá ve dvou vrstvách. Střih je doplněn drobnými záševky. Dvojitý šev zaručí pevnost namáhaných míst. Šev je vždy dvojitý a uvnitř. Díky tomu je celá konstrukce velice pevná. Plavkovina je materiál s vysokým poměrem elasticity, příjemná na dotek. Raménka volně prokluzují v látce. Díky tomu můžete po oblečení elegantně srovnat gumičkový systém na zádech.

hand washing recommended. It is much more gentle on the elasticity and color of the back rubber. Personally washing with other colored underwear for normal washing program up to 40C. I regularly test my bras during my outdoor activities. Sometimes I am even surprised how much it lasts.

Tabulka velikostí

How to choose the right size? I sew in four conventional sizes. An approximate size table will facilitate selection. We each have a different ratio of chest to breast size and muscle volume. The types of back systems have small specifics and it is necessary to take into account the strength and elasticity of the fabric. If you have a favorite and hesitate if you will fit the rate, send a photo - I will give you an advise. Is it possible to try the bras somewhere? Certainly in Liberec, where the nest of Kefin workshop is, after agreement and somewhere under the rock. I am deliberately avoiding fairs and markets as well as delivering them to stone shops. During the year I wish to visit various cities and places in the countryside. I will inform you about the place and time in advance on social networks - always as an event. How ofter are the collections renewed? Every month there are about 30 new pieces produced in my workshop. I update the shop continuously. It is not in my power to always put all new bras into Eshop. Where and how I will present them myself today I do not know yet. Wait - watch me continuously - wish and get. I bought a bra and it doesn't fit, what can i do? This can also happen. Each one is different and each piece has its deviations. Ideally, I will be happy if you find someone in your neighborhood whose fit will be as a Cinderella slipper. If not, it is possible to return the bra within 14 days of purchase. Return delivery costs are paid by the buyer. I will refund the full amount to the account from which the payment was made.

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